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Weekly Thermal Coal Price Index Report


Market Data

Area Coal Type Price Type Price
Qinhuangdao ≥6000Kcal FOB
Qinhuangdao 5000-6000 Kcal FOB
Qinhuangdao ≤5000 Kcal FOB
Datong ≥6000 Kcal FOR 270RMB/t
Baotou 5000-6000 Kcal FOR 255RMB/t
Huaibei ≤5000 Kcal Purchase 365RMB/t
Nantong Power 5000-6000 Kcal Purchase 575RMB/t
Xiagang Power ≤5000 Kcal Purchase 405RMB/t
Area Data 1,000tons
Qinhuangdao Coal Stock 3,440.00
Main Ports Coal Stock 25,651.00
Datong Group Coal Stock 1,470.80
North Grid Coal Stock 2,892.40
Northeast Grid Coal Stock 1,701.40
Central Grid Coal Stock 850.40
Northwest Grid Coal Stock 2,701.00
East Grid Coal Stock 2,096.00


Initiated and completed by Shanxi Fenwei Energy Consulting Co., Ltd. , CR price indexes are compiled by experts with a time of six years on the basis of abundant data/info and a study to various worldwide coal price indexes.

The sources mainly include data accumulated by China CR website over the past ten years, weekly data provided by over 320 info collectors from enterprises and institutions and transaction data from Zhongtai and Jiaolian e-trading platforms.


Fenwei, as a third-party independent information research body, collects, compiles and releases data from the viewpoint of a complete third-party.

CR price index is open and transparency in parameters, data collecting method and index calculation method.

CR price index has stable data sources, ensuring the continuity and vertical comparison.

The weekly nationwide spot coal prices and stock updates, plus daily updates of e-transactions ensure the price index can timely reflect market changes.

Thermal Coal Analysis


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